Fire Service Driver Trainer Certification Program

Program Outline
This program is designed in conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) to meet the needs of the Ontario Fire Service and the MTO Driver Certification Program (DCP). This program builds on the material taught in NFPA 1041 Fire Instructor I, with a focus on driving.

Credit Status
This program is recognized by the MTO as the educational component to obtaining signing authority to conduct licensing through a recognized authority. This program will also satisfy the requirements of MTO signing authority recertification.

Training Dates: May 19 – 21, 2021


  • NFPA 1041 Fire Instructor I
  • 5 years DZ license or higher
  • No demerit points
  • No criminal convictions
  • The student’s fire department is a member of the DCP program or intends on becoming one

Recommended Skills/Knowledge

  • Training and experience in adult education
  • Knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA)

Modes of Delivery
A combination of lectures, group work and activities, and student presentations.

Modes of Evaluation
Evaluations will be conducted throughout the program, in accordance with the MTO Curriculum Standards.

For more information, please contact or 705-235-3211 x 2174.