Intro to Pigments & Painting

For Tweens & Teens By Shandelle McCurdie
2 hour class for 4 weeks

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Teaching students the basics of colour theory, painting mediums, tools and techniques. In this time we will practise with watercolours and acrylic paints.


Week 1
Introduction to myself and all students. We will go over our materials and how we will use them. Learn Basic Watercolour techniques, washes and application.

Week 2
Students and I will talk about colour theory and apply last week’s teachings into a landscape piece that students and I will complete together.

Week 3
Intro to Acrylic painting, colour mixing and brush techniques. Use our first canvas to sample materials and experiment with paint, value, . We will look at famous artists as inspo for our final class.

Week 4
Students will recreate a painting from an artist that we admire using the techniques from last class. Students will have 2 painted pieces by the end of this course.

● Have Fun!
● Learn about colour
● Experiment with paint
● Understand techniques and how to apply them to your art

● Watercolour paper (4-5 sheets @ 8”X10”)
● Brushes (5 sizes; small – large)
● Jar for water (to rinse brushes)
● Old rag (to clean brushes)
● Masking Tape
● Sponge
● Cling Wrap, Salt, white wax crayon
● Acrylic Paint Set; Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange, White
● Canvas (2 @ 8”X10”)

We will experiment with the following techniques and study famous artists (old & now) to understand how to apply these into our own paintings;

● Paper Prep
● Wet on Wet
● Dry Brush
● Salt, Cling Wrap and other textures
● Colour Theory Acrylics;
● Canvas Prep
● Preliminary Sketch
● Colour Mixing
● Values
● Composition & Perspective

Artist that we will learn about;
Leonardo Da Vinci
Gustav Klimt `
Hilma af Klint
Vincent Van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
Mickalene Thomas
Edgar Degas
Egon Schiele
Georgia O’Keeffe
Henri Mattise
Frida Kahlo
Yayoi Kusama

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