Portfolio Development

Program Overview

In the Portfolio Development course, an emphasis is on identifying and valuing Cree traditional knowledge, culture, language and ways of being. Participants will work to create a prior learning portfolio that identifies and provides evidence of the skills, knowledge and attitudes that they have learned from all areas of their lives.

This will be accomplished by reflecting on formal and informal education , experiences related to all areas of life, including family community, land, traditional activities, work experiences, and education/training.

Portfolio documentation will vary from learner to learner, depending on their specific life experiences, but it usually includes narratives, samples of work, photographs, transcriptions or oral commentary, certificates, letters of reference or verification, and other presentations of information about learners’ life experiences.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Describe Prior Learning/PLAR
  • Identify what they know and can do based on their prior learning
  • Describe what a portfolio is, including it’s uses, components and the process of creating one
  • Identify the skills, knowledge and attitudes from their experiences
  • Produce a prior learning portfolio
  • Recognize and value the learning from family, land, culture, community and life
  • Experience positive group relationships as a contest for personal growth and development
  • Experience a positive change in self-concept
  • Discuss “Mequam of Life” and how it relates to their personal development
  • Identify personal goals and set a plan to achieve a short and a long term goal
  • Develop self-awareness through a process of personal reflection and self-assessment

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