Advanced Supervisory Management

Organizational leaders, supervisors, and managers are consistently faced with the pressures of ensuring that things are done correctly and completed on time despite today’s business world of rightsizing, pressing demands, complex situations, and resource cutbacks. To add to these demands, the fine art of managing people has evolved, where even the most seasoned leader, manager, supervisor must learn to adapt, understand and embrace these changes and pressures. In this course, participants will learn the best, new, and leading edge practices in management, and how to supervise a team and an organization in the most effective manner.

Course will be taught virtually through Zoom.

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The target audience for this course is experienced supervisors, leaders, managers, assistance supervisors, and those who are being groomed for promotion within management (i.e. supervisor to senior manager).

Leadership – Concepts from the Leading Edge
• Examine different and innovative styles of leadership
• Learn and understand the facts about leading people
• The importance and use of emotional intelligence to develop strong professional relationships
• Constant self-awareness, control and evaluation of your particular leadership style (and how to match it to personnel development)
• Learn about individual talents and how to apply and maximize these talents and overall employee self-esteem
• Spot disruptive innovation opportunities

Advanced Communication Skills
• Create and present powerful presentations
• Understand the steps of making effective presentations while overcoming fears and nervousness
• Learn to communicate when the situation is contentious, when the stakes are high
• Learn how to engage, inform and motivate your audience
• Discover how to effectively chair and manage meetings

Advanced Coaching Skills
• Coaching people through mistakes in order to motivate to do more
• How to teach your employees skills they need to do their job well and keep the organization running smoothly
• Guidelines for conducting coaching sessions with personnel
• The fundamental do’s and don’ts of coaching

Team Synergy – Creating Highly Successful Teams
• Identify, understand and appreciate differences in personal approaches
• Understand how to create and implement highly cross-functional teams
• Understand the employee commitment curve ad team developmental stages and how they impact on teams
• Help your team understand and appreciate the benefits of diversity
• Deal with defensive and toxic routines before they permeate and impact team morale
• Turn a conflict between employees into a positive exchange of words
• Understand workplace bullying and harassment

Advance Team and Organizational Success – Setting Team Goals
• How to engage and maximize employee buy-in during the goal setting process
• Lead your team through the development of a comprehensive, achievable team plan
• Identify how your team goals align with the vision and mission of your organization
• How and when to evaluate team goals (i.e. when to create new ones)

Effective Facilitation Skills
• Learn the skills of effective brainstorming techniques that encourage participation, involvement, and solution-focused behaviours
• Utilize techniques to maximize imagination and harness creativity
• Empower your group in solving complex problems and taking risks
• Identify, problem-solve and reduce systemic/operational issues
• Build support for team decision

Advanced Strategic Management
• How to create a vision, mission and values that are supported by personnel and other stakeholders
• The importance of knowing how to complete a SWOT, and a resource-based view analyses
• Understand the process in developing an effective and achievable strategic plan
• How to implement and evaluate your organizational strategic plan

Business Ethics
• Understand and appreciate the need for written (and non-written) organizational ethics
• Learn to complete a stakeholder analysis
• Appreciate the concept of corporate social responsibility and its impact on your organization’s success
• Value quality assurance audits (ISO, accreditation) and how to prepare for them

Strategic Human Resources Management
• Learn new initiatives in performance appraisal and performance management
• Understand and implement an effective rewards management program
• Utilize corrective action and progressive discipline in a fair and factual manner
• Learn the importance of succession planning and its impact on the organization
• Learn new concepts in quality assurance
• How to master efficient and timely documentation

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