Effective Time Management Skills for Today’s Leaders

This is a 1 day course.

When you begin to lead and manage other people aside from yourself, organizing your own time reaches a new level of intricacy. As a leader and manager, you want to be a role model for your staff, that is, making sure you’re being productive, efficient, and successful with your time. Effective time management skills will help you reach your goals by learning how to budget your time wisely and effectively and help you rethink and re-prioritize tasks and situations on a moment’s notice.

There is no doubt that efficient time management is the key to getting the most out of your very busy day – and to survive the increased pressure brought about by organizational changes, staffing needs, and project deadlines.

This one-day workshop will provide you with skills to make better use of your valuable time so that you can accomplish more with less effort such as focusing on practical techniques and information that you can start using right away to gain more control over your busy work schedule.

The Fundamentals of Time Management

  • What is the most VALUABLE use of your time right now?
  • Theories of Time Management (Stephen Covey’s “The Big Rocks of Time”- Explanation and Demonstration)
  • Deadline Pressures and Value Key Indicators (Four Types of Activity: Crisis, Productive, Busy, and Fruitless Zones)
  • Being ‘Busy’ vs. Being ‘Productive’ (What to Avoid: the ‘Busy’ but ‘non-Productive’ Day)
  • Main Time Management Goal (Based on the 4 Zones)
  • Theory of Prioritization: The Time Management Quadrant and the 80:20 Rule (Pareto Law)
  • Discussion on Prioritization
  • Theory of Needs: Maslow’s Hierarchy
  • Higher Time Management
  • Paradigms of Time
  • Inner Time Management (Cont’d)
  • The Waster Exercise
  • Your 3 Time Wasters (Other People – who waste your time; Your Bad Habits – where you waste your own time; Lack of Management/Organizational Systems – that waste everyone’s time)
  • Exercise: Self-Reflection and Discussion

Your Time Management Plan: Simple and Efficient

  • Seizing Your Habits, Energy and Focus
  • Mastering Organization and Your Information
  • Understanding and Grasping Your Purpose, Values, and Objectives
  • Mastering Your Strengths
  • Exercise: Self-Reflection and Discussion
  • The Big Picture
  • Other Key Points About Your Time Management (i.e. Nine Rules, Organizational Tools)
  • Exercise: Getting Started

Time Management: Enabling Your Staff to do Their Jobs More Efficiently and Effectively

  • Establishing Sound Leadership
  • Effective Team Meetings (i.e. Agenda, Tasks and Deadlines, Barn Raising, To-Do Lists, Frequency of and Meaningful Meetings)
  • Controlling/Balancing Chatter (Water Cooler Talk)
  • One-on-One Time Management with Your Staff

For more information, contact training@northern.on.ca or 705-235-3211 ext.2270