Virtual Reality at Northern College – Timmins Campus

What is the purpose of virtual reality?
Virtual reality (VR) training goes beyond book learning and creates immersive and interactive virtual reality 360⁰/3D and 4D gamification experiences. VR experiences expose and teach students about the many environments and contexts that their trade/profession works in and engages learners through interactive gamified simulations of various on-the-job skills.

How is VR utilized?
VR training is a method of teaching that allows our students to experience locations, cultures, challenges, circumstances and instruction as if they were transported directly into another unique and engaging learning environment.

Which programs are equipped with VR?
VR enabled learning has been created for our five trade programs: Construction and Maintenance Electrician 309A, Industrial Mechanic Millwright 433A, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician 421A, General Carpenter 430A, and Automotive Service Technician 310A. We also have VR learning for Indigenous and mining experiences and our health programs.

What is in the VR room?
The VR room is equipped with eight (8) state of the art VR headsets that provide the best possible consumer level VR experience. We also have ten (10) portable Gear VR headsets that work with modern smart phones to provide 360⁰ video content.

virtual reality room person in vr room person wearing vr mask  vr monitor two people