Welding Engineering Technician – Inspection

Program Title: Welding Engineering Technician – Inspection

  • Credential Earned
    Ontario College Diploma

    Full Time

    Program Length
    4 Semesters | Co-op 6 Semesters

    Program Status

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  • Tuition and Fees Second Career

Program Codes
Program codes are for September intakes except those that are indicated differently.
NORT – W010 (KL) Kirkland Lake (4 semesters)
NORT – W138 (KL) Kirkland Lake Co-op (6 semesters)

Program Specific Information and Forms
Welding Information (PDF, 114Kb)

Program Description
This program provides graduates with the background in science and technology related to welding that will prepare them to interact with engineers and scientists while maintaining the practical skills necessary to supervise trade personnel. Welding professionals are concerned with all activities related to the design, production, performance and maintenance of welded products. To adequately design a weldment, the welding professional must not only understand the material being joined, but also the effect of welding variables of many welding processes on the final product. To achieve this, lab time is intertwined with a curriculum of metallurgical science and engineering theory. In developing the skills required in becoming a welding inspector, students complement their knowledge of non-destructive examination with a working knowledge of codes, standards and stress analysis.

Curriculum – More than Arcs and Sparks
The Welding Engineering Technician Program is not just about arcs and sparks; it is about science, technology and the engineering of welding. Our students learn to develop, qualify, and implement welding procedures; to use their knowledge of welding, metallurgy, mechanics, and electrical engineering in the design and manufacturing of safe structures; and to inspect and maintain the integrity of such structures while they are in service.

Pathways to Success
Graduates of the Welding Technician Program may choose to continue their studies and complete an additional year in order to obtain a diploma in Welding Engineering Technology.

Career Opportunities
Technicians can select components, create and/or interpret drawings and supervise welding personnel. Graduates may find employment in the following fields/positions: Quality Control/Assurance, Inspection, Education, Consulting, First-level management, and/or Technical Sales.

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